JLMC: Selections confirmed for 'Power of' events in Sheffield this weekend

20 Aug 2019 by Craig Simpson

The JLMC in conjunction with the England National Team Programme (ENTP) are pleased to confirm the names of players selected to be part of the “Power of” development events this weekend in Sheffield for players born in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

ENTP staff will be giving the players an insight into the expectations of a future England player, going through a typical training day at England u13, u14 or u15.

Each day will feature three on-ice sessions, strength and conditioning, a classroom session and meals.

Saturday 24 August – Power of Eleven (2008s)
Elliott Russan – Coventry, Elliott White – Nottingham, Nikolai Divall – Guildford, James Adamson – Bradford, Max Van Mullem – Romford, Mark Lowes – Whitley Bay, Harry Thomas – Cardiff

Finley Williams – Sheffield, Lewis Byrne – Peterborough, Declan Heraghty – Sheffield, Ashton Webb – Slough, Joel Meyers – Guildford, Liam Hine – Manchester, Felix Sorensen – Kingston, Samuel Miller – Oxford, Harvey Rose – Cardiff, James Vickers – Cardiff, Tom Benson – Cardiff, Billie Coe – Romford

Leon Raj – Romford, Ethan Taylor – Swindon, Aaron Edworthy – Slough, Harry Vant – Chelmsford, Taylor Stanton – Telford, Sebastian Veal – Sutton, Sean Reynolds – Guildford, Alexander Rushby – Sheffield, Lucas Fong – Guildford, Leilo Bellamy – Bracknell, Jack Carmody – Nottingham, Daragh Spawforth – Bradford, Jake Wigginton – Bradford, Ethan Hardie – Dundee, Joseph Matthewman – Sheffield, Levi Carr – Peterborough, Ethan Dunn – Whitley Bay, Jack Williams – Whitley Bay, Harry Illingworth – Sheffield, Samuel Burrows – Sheffield

Sunday 25 August – Power of Ten (2009s and 2010s)
Harvey Kembery – Nottingham, Matthew Rose – Chelmsford, Orson Groot – Whitley Bay, Carter Webb – Slough, Jacob Mardell – Bradford

James Stewart – Guildford, Kingston McKenzie – Nottingham, Sebastian Mifek – Manchester, Andrey Wilkinson – Peterborough, Josh Noble – Whitley Bay, Reuben Yeates – Invicta, Oliver Matthewman – Sheffield, Jonas Bennett – Manchester, Freddie Blakeley – Nottingham, Frank O’Sullivan – Bradford, Joshua Beddoes – Kingston, Oliver Lipscombe – Sheffield

Danny Harrison – Bradford, Oliver Jardine – Whitley Bay, Alfie Moore – Manchester, Noah Barnes – Sheffield, Callum Harris – Telford, Joshua Seeback – Guildford, Oliver Clare – Cardiff, Thomas Onslow – Guildford, Alfie Goddard – Guildford, Lewis Conroy – Milton Keynes, Liam Peters – Sheffield, Joshua Hartley – Sheffield, Aiden-Jay Herring – Peterborough, Ben Wood – Whitley Bay, Thomas Maguire – Streatham, Heath Langlois – Manchester, Ben Elliott – Billingham, Evan Bradon – Billingham, Ben Saville – Peterborough, Frankie Parnell – Peterborough

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